The company was established in 1999 as the Branded Drinks Partnership, when father and son team Roger and Jonathan Calver took over the agency of a number of beer brands following the closure of Tavern Brands.

In 2003 Jonathan and Roger acquired the assets of Wessex Craft Brewers Ltd, a sales and bottling company based in Gloucestershire, and from 2003 to 2007 set about upgrading the efficiency and quality of the bottling plant with a series of major investments.

By 2007 throughputs had more than doubled and, in June of that year, the line was moved to a larger and more efficient site in Coleford. Roger and Jonathan shut down the company’s offices in Southport and the warehousing facility in Liverpool, bringing all activities onto the large new site. Since that time, with far greater operational efficiencies, throughputs have almost doubled again.

The Company was re-named as Branded Drinks Ltd in 2008. Ownership is now entirely in the hands of Roger and Jonathan Calver, along with Sales and Marketing Director Gray Olliver.



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