Contract Bottling

We currently contract bottle for over 70 breweries and cider-makers across the UK, for whom we bottle and distribute more than 100 different beers and ciders.

Beer and cider is either contract bottled or bought in bulk for onward sale. It is stored in a substantial holding tank facility and normally held for 5-7 days at -1C temperature. The beer bottled at our facility in Gloucestershire is bottled using a 20 head filler, in-line carbonator and in-bottle tunnel pasteuriser.

We mainly bottle in 500ml glass – using new lighter-weight bottles – but can fill sizes from 275ml up to 660ml. Only new glass is used and all bottles are sterile washed before filling. We have a three-part labeler which applies self-adhesive labels (including pressure sensitive labels), which produce a higher quality finish and offer greater cost benefits for shorter bottling runs. We offer either front, back and neck or wrap around labels, and apply conventional crown closures.

At Branded Drinks, we put a great deal of emphasis on quality control, with regards to both our customers’ products and our own processes. Our on-site laboratory ensures that nothing passes through our bottling plant without undergoing rigorous testing and analysis. In addition to the highly experienced and qualified full-time staff operating our well-equipped laboratory, we retain the services of Steve Griffin of Quentech Services – a fully qualified microbiologist and master brewer.

In 2008 we passed the Tesco bottling audit. We have fully implemented HACCP and are looking to gain BRC accreditation in 2011. Our bottling facilities have also been fully accredited by the Soil Association for the bottling of organic beers and ciders.

Over the past few years we have been responsible for bottling a wide range of award winning beers and ciders including a CAMRA Bottle-conditioned Beer of the Year, winners of both the Tesco and ASDA beer competitions and three finalists in the Sainsburys competition. Ciders we have bottled have also won both Tesco and ASDA cider competitions.

If you are interested in getting a beer or a cider bottled, we would be very happy to show you round our facilities. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

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